Change to be: how to support yourself during the crisis?

Divorce, dismissal from work, an unexpected epidemic – it would seem that these events have common? However, they all serve as the prerequisites for our growth. But the path to a new level always goes through the internal crisis.

Crises in our lives begin for various reasons. Therefore, they can be divided into controlled and uncontrollable.

Controlled crisis – the one that we organized ourselves (moving, divorce, work change). It’s easier to cope with him, because the new situation in which we found ourselves is the result of our choice and thoughtful steps. We can prepare in advance and plan – “lay the straw”. But it is impossible to think through everything, in any case, the process of transition to the new will be difficult (if it is simple, then the goal was not too high).

An uncontrollable crisis – This is the one that we did not plan, which we did not expect, and therefore did not prepare for it (reduction, betrayal of a partner, epidemic). For example, pandemia can be attributed to an uncontrollable crisis. After all, we did not assume that it would happen, and what was happening influenced all of us.

We are faced with severe emotions: anxiety, anger, irritation, fear, helplessness, loneliness. We exaggerate the catastrophic of the situation, lose landmarks and perspective, we cannot make plans for the future. This is how any crisis is manifested, including the controlled.

Help yourself calm down. Return to what the crisis has not changed: communicate with the same people, live with the same husband, work in the same work. Perhaps you will begin to think about the future: “Now everything is fine, but what will happen tomorrow …” Such thoughts help you? More likely no than yes. Because they fuel your anxiety.

Therefore, stop. Take a deep breath into four accounts, then hold your breath, count to four and exhale also for one or two-three-four, then hold your breath again. And so continue for a few minutes. Then come back to the present – look around the room, return the sensation of the body, lightly touching yourself with your fingers. Breathe. And remember that

Οι αξιωματούχοι παραδέχτηκαν ότι το φορτίο τους εμποδίζει να περπατούν, να υποστηρίζουν και να υπάρχουν εντελώς υπάρχοντα. “Κοιμήθηκα sildenafil επειδή η κοιλιά πίεσε το στομάχι, ολόκληρο το σώμα μου πονάει. Τα εγχώρια αγαθά είναι ικανοποιημένα με δυσκολία, για μένα, μόνο μία νύχτα έχει περάσει και οι έγκυες γυναίκες ζουν μερικούς μήνες”, έγραψε ένα από τα πειράματα που συμμετείχαν Κελάδημα.

a lot is the same. This will return your support to you.

In addition, to remain calm, you can:

1. Do not dramatize the future

Try to stop yourself when your brain is trying to anticipate possible outcomes of the situation, look into the future.

The unknown will excite the imagination: we want to “get to the bottom of”, understand and predict what will be – give situations of certainty of certainty. We need the situation to somehow end so that we can move on. But if in fact there is no certainty, we will not create it with the power of thought.

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